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How to start a web browser

A user can launch a web browser through alternative options such as a) by clicking on its icon on the desktop, b) clicking and selecting the Quick Launch icon or c) from the start panel. The three options are explained in the following.

a) Launch from desktop

To start a browser from the desktop, simply move your cursor over its icon and do a double left click on it. The icons of the mentioned Web browsers, as appearing on the desktop of a device running MS Windows operating systems, are shown in Figure 1 to Figure 4.

i) Internet Explorer

Figure 1: Icon of Internet Explorer on the desktop

ii) Google Chrome

Figure 2: Icon of Google Chrome on the desktop

iii) Mozilla Firefox

Figure 3: Icon of Mozilla Firefox on the desktop

iv) Lynx Text browser

Figure 4: Icon of Lynx Text browser on the desktop

b) Launch the browser from the quick launch bar

Another way of starting a web browser is from the quick launch bar (Figure 5) placed in the task bar (the bar where the time and date are displayed). If the icon of the browser is displayed there you can simply move your cursor over its icon and do a single left click on it:

Figure 5: Web browsers icons as appearing on the quick launch bar

If the icon is not displayed on the taskbar you can add it by right-clicking on the desktop icon and choose “Pin to taskbar” (see Figure 6).

Figure 6: The “Pin to Taskbar” option to move an icon on the quick launch bar

(Tip: This can work with any program that you would like to appear on the taskbar e.g. MS Outlook)

c) Launch from start panel

Start the web browser from the start panel click on the windows logo at the left bottom of the screen and type the name of the browser at the “Search programs and files field” as shown below for Mozilla Firefox (see Figure 7)

Figure 7: Starting a Web browser from the Start panel

As soon as the desired browser´s name appears on the screen, you have to select it by a single click  on its name.