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Find or Rate Accessible Places and Transportation at

Access Advisr is a website that helps you find out, and rate, how accessible different places, and transport networks are. Unlike other sites, Access Advisr doesn’t rely solely upon static audited information, or the ‘official’ information made available by transport system operators. Uniquely, the site enables people to share their advice and experiences (good or bad) on how accessible they find different places and transport networks in the UK. A live community of people can use it to contribute their views, opinions, photos and videos based on their experiences. Our quest is to make the transport and destination information available in the public domain better reflect people’s real-world experiences. Your contributions will help anyone who needs a bit more information about the accessibility of the place they are travelling to, or the stops, stations, parking bays and services they will use to get there – you are in control!

As more information is gathered, Access Advisr will be particularly helpful for people who experience mobility impairments that prevent them from getting around with ease (of whom there are estimated to be 10 million in the UK). Many people occasionally need a bit more information on this topic when planning or making a journey. In developing this site we have worked with disability groups, individuals, bus and train companies and specialist service providers to try and ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

Access Advisr will help us all become better informed about the ease of access to our transport system, and the knowledge submitted by users can be collectively used to lobby for improvements from local authorities and private sector bus and rail service providers who are responsible for delivering specific elements of the transport network.

This ‘proof of concept’ version of the web-site focuses initially on Nottingham, although some data exists for other parts of the UK. We are currently testing the concept with users, and hence would welcome your feedback and views on how useful you find the site, what works for you (and of course what doesn’t) and what you would find helpful in improving the site in the future.

Easy games to learn computer skills

Learning games for kids .com

Learning games for kids .com

Learning typing is the focus of these keyboarding games. Learning keyboarding skills is vital for today’s learners and tomorrow’s earners. These free typing games are a great way to build typing skills. Keyboarding games teach important skills through a variety of online typing lessons and typing games….. oh yeah, they’re fun!

An overview can be found here.


iPhone or iPad app Cost £150


Proloquo2Go® is an award-winning symbol-supported communication app providing a voice to over 75,000 individuals around the world who are unable to speak.

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Proloquo2Go® is an award-winning symbol-supported communication app providing a voice to over 75,000 individuals around the world who are unable to speak.
“Users can open Proloquo2Go and begin to use it for effective communication immediately.” – Susan Berkowitz, MS-SLP, AAC Consultant.

First released in 2009, Proloquo2Go’s research-based vocabularies, highly customizable features, natural sounding voices, and unique innovations make it the premier Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, stroke, or traumatic brain injury.

Communicate with ease
• Speak by tapping buttons with words or phrases
• Access grammar efficiently with automatic verb and noun inflections
• Repeat spoken messages and create buttons from the current message
Choose a vocabulary that fits
• Start early with Basic Communication vocabulary for beginning communicators
• Support language development with research-based Core Word vocabulary
• Modify a default vocabulary or create your own vocabulary design

Grow along with the user
• Expand vocabulary by changing grid size
• Quickly customize for individual needs and interests using VocaPriority™
• Transition to literacy with word prediction-supported typing view

Customize to fit
• Create and edit grids and buttons as desired
• Choose from 14,000 SymbolStix™ symbols or use photos for your buttons
• Customize vocabulary and settings per student with multi-user support

Edit with ease
• Change color, font, and voice of multiple buttons at once
• Move buttons with drag and drop
• Copy and paste buttons between vocabularies

Access for users with motor impairments
• Prevent accidental selections with hold duration
• Use Select on Release to compensate for fine-motor challenges
• Use one or two switches with configurable scanning access

Speak with a natural voice
• Download free natural-sounding TTS voices, including genuine children’s voices
• Pick from 19 American, 9 British, 4 Australian and 1 Indian English voices
• Enjoy ExpressivePower™ with prerecorded expressions and sounds

Share messages and vocabularies
• Send email, messages, tweets and Facebook posts
• Copy the message window text into other apps
• Backup and share vocabularies using iTunes File Sharing, Wifi, and Dropbox

Have a voice anywhere, anytime
• Use Proloquo2Go on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or iPad mini
• Communicate without an Internet connection
• Contact our global support team 24/7 by email

Explore learning and community resources
• Read the QuickStart guide or full manual
• Learn using step-by-step PDF tutorials and e-learning videos
• Connect on AssistiveWare forum, Twitter and Facebook groups

Enjoy a proven track record
• First full-featured AAC solution on consumer device introduced in 2009
• Four years of free updates
• First AAC solution with genuine children’s voices
• Winner of the prestigious British BETT AWARD 2011
• Success stories covered by major media.


Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS 7

While a keyboard certainly isn’t always useful with your iPhone or iPad, keyboard shortcuts certainly are. With iOS 7, Apple has introduced the possibility for third-party developers to support custom shortcuts with external (Bluetooth) keyboards in their apps. Keyboard shortcuts, longtime favorites of OS X power users, can now be enabled in iOS apps. Apple itself has been experimenting with keyboard shortcuts in built-in iOS 7 apps.

An overview of such keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

There are many sites online that you may visit to be able to find the materials required to have an ABA resume performed correctly.