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Assistive Technology Learning Through A Unified Curriculum

ATLEC logo

ATLEC logo

The ATLEC project is finalised and offers now access to a range of tools to support the knowledge of ICT based Assistive Technology (ICT-AT). It provides a range of training materials, and also a mobile tool for people with disabilities and people working with people with disabilities, such as teachers, but also family and employers.

Below is an overview:

For more information, visit the ATLEC website.

Training materials for teachers of learners with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties

The materials consist of 16 modules, each covering a specific training topic. These are grouped in four broader subject areas to help you easily find the training resources to suit your needs. You can browse through individual modules that you think will be of interest, or use the study planner on the materials’ homepage to generate a customised selection of modules based on your requirements.