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Access Advisr is a website that helps you find out, and rate, how accessible different places, and transport networks are. Unlike other sites, Access Advisr doesn’t rely solely upon static audited information, or the ‘official’ information made available by transport system operators. Uniquely, the site enables people to share their advice and experiences (good or bad) on how accessible they find different places and transport networks in the UK. A live community of people can use it to contribute their views, opinions, photos and videos based on their experiences. Our quest is to make the transport and destination information available in the public domain better reflect people’s real-world experiences. Your contributions will help anyone who needs a bit more information about the accessibility of the place they are travelling to, or the stops, stations, parking bays and services they will use to get there – you are in control!

As more information is gathered, Access Advisr will be particularly helpful for people who experience mobility impairments that prevent them from getting around with ease (of whom there are estimated to be 10 million in the UK). Many people occasionally need a bit more information on this topic when planning or making a journey. In developing this site we have worked with disability groups, individuals, bus and train companies and specialist service providers to try and ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

Access Advisr will help us all become better informed about the ease of access to our transport system, and the knowledge submitted by users can be collectively used to lobby for improvements from local authorities and private sector bus and rail service providers who are responsible for delivering specific elements of the transport network.

This ‘proof of concept’ version of the web-site focuses initially on Nottingham, although some data exists for other parts of the UK. We are currently testing the concept with users, and hence would welcome your feedback and views on how useful you find the site, what works for you (and of course what doesn’t) and what you would find helpful in improving the site in the future.

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