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A massive list of games to practice various input technology skills.

The Games have been categorized into learning themes and difficulty. This is sub-divided as: COMPUTER SKILL, DETAIL , NAME, SOURCE, THEME, and OBJECTIVE. Each game has been categorised as 1 to 4 (in an unheaded column!) you should consider 1 to be the preschool level and 4 to be the middle school level. The detailed analysis in the table of each of the games gives a great insight into the input skills required and being practiced, and theme and objective should allow trainers to decide on the applicability of each of the games for a particular ICT training scenario.

Another key factor in this list is that the games can be selected to have a focus on other key skills including arts, science, literacy numeracy and strategy. This enables the ICT input technology training to be implemented using these games during other schooling activities.

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