DOTCOM: the Disability Online Tool of the Commission

DOTCOM is constructed from a large database of information about national laws, policies, strategies and initiatives in the Member States of the European Union, its Candidate countries and other associated countries. For each of the 34 countries, and for the EU, it includes summary information on 43 selected policy instruments, organised in eight themes (more than 1,500 records). Each record includes descriptive text and web links to policy documents or sources of further information at the national level. The selection of key instruments has been elaborated from the priorities established in the Commission Staff Working Paper accompanying the European Disability Strategy (annex 2), in discussion with EU Commission staff and the EU High Level Group on Disability. The data is compiled by ANED’s independent country experts, under the guidance of the network’s Scientific Director, and updated periodically. The Commission provides Member States’ with opportunity to validate the national level data although the published content does not necessarily reflect their official views or those of the EU institutions.


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