ECDL European Computer Driving License (BCS)

ECDL is an approved European qualification in computing. This includes:

  • ECDL for learners
  • ECDL for schools
  • ECDL for training providers and FE/HE
  • Approved training materials
  • Digital Creator
  • e-type
  • ITQ – The flexible IT qualification
  • IT Application Specialist apprenticeship
  • e-safetyDigital Skills
  • Computer and Online Basics

“The world’s number one IT user qualification. ECDL is the benchmark for digital literacy in educational systems around the globe. ECDL equips students with the skills to use a computer confidently and effectively, building on existing knowledge and motivating further learning. Tried, tested and trusted, ECDL programmes have been delivered to over 11 million people, in 41 languages across 148 countries. Over 2 million people have taken ECDL in the UK since 1997.

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