Pocket Voice Lite

get your homework donePocket Voice Lite gives a voice to people who are unable to speak but who should be heard. For many different and varied reasons, some people are unable to speak or be understood. Nevertheless, those people have a right to be heard. Pocket Voice Lite aims to facilitate that by giving its users an audible voice. Pocket Voice Lite has been designed for use on mobile phones and tablets. By pressing a series of buttons, the user is able to construct sentences. The words are then spoken using the device’s text-to-speech engine. For users or carers wishing to customize the available speech to the user’s own circumstances, a Full Version of Pocket Voice is available elsewhere on Google Play. Pocket Voice Lite uses Mulberry Symbols (licence CC BY-SA) from get your homework done

Download at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dakinewave.voice.lite

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